The Busy Giffs: June 2021

June 25, 2021

40 by 40 Update

This month I checked off a couple nights of camping and our trip to Lego Land in New York!

40 by 40


1. Disney World or Disney Land with the kids (again)

2. Lego Land in New York - check! So much fun!

3. Travel internationally - Europe ideally

4. Harry Potter World

5. Go to a Tropical Island

6. Go on a cruise.

7. Go on a road trip that's at least a week long a different place every night or two..

8. Fly 1st class.

9. Go Glamping/ Stay in a Tree house

10. Camp at least 10 days in the five years

       - We did 3 nights to celebrate my sister's graduation - June 2021

11. Go to Ohana at Disney or real Luau in Hawaii.

12. See 5 Natural Parks

13. Go to an all-inclusive resort

14. Make a bucket list of travel locations  - done and done - check out my list here.

15. Get a new passport

16. Visit 5 new states


1. Try Barre or a new type of fitness class

2. Bench a full plate on each side

3. Run an in person 5k or 10k.

4. Run a half marathon.

5. Do a pull up

6. Try a pole fit class


1. Try a juice cleanse

2. Eat vegetarian or vegan for a week

3. Go to a fancy dinner and splurge without looking at menu prices - Nick and I went to a deliciously amazing steak house.  We ordered amazing steaks and sides and drinks and didn't pay attention to the bill.  It helped that it was even less than we expected, but it was such a fun experienece since it's so out of the ordinary for us!

4. One month take out/fast food free

5. Try barbeque in the south

6. Tip 100% on a bill /$20 on a small bill


1. Take a spanish or ASL class - I signed up for DuoLingo Spanish! I'm a couple weeks in and I'm relearning so much.

2. Masters + 30 or a CAGS


1. Be comfortable in my body

2. Get another tattoo

3. Buy a piece of art -- real art, not a print from Marshalls/Home Goods

4. Do the AFSP Overnight walk NOT in Massachusetts or New York

5. Unplug completely for 24 hours

6. A spa day

7. Try diamond painting or another new craft with Em

8. Cross stitch something

9. Take a baking class -- cookies or cake decorating.

10. Pay off the car

June Books

  28. You Betrayed Me, Lisa Jackson 29. The Turnout, Megan Abbott 30. The Last Thing He Told Me, Laura Dave 31. The Long Weekend, Gilly Macm...