The Busy Giffs: March 2021

March 31, 2021

50 Books in 2021 - March

11. Girls with Sharp Sticks, Suzanna Young

12. The Echo Killing, CJ Daugherty

13. The Wife Upstairs, Rachel Hawkins

14. Shadows, Alex North

15. The Guest List, Lucy Foley

I can't even tell you how much I love suspenseful "trashy" books. I enjoyed all the books this month but was pleasantly surprised by The Shadows and The Echo Killing.  I like all the loos eends to be tied up but it was exciting that for once, they were not.

Check these out from your local library!

xo, Heather

March 29, 2021

The Best Easter Basket Fillers

Easter is coming up quickly and I am so excited for it! I've found that my holidays have been even more over the top this year because of how difficult Covid has made everything.

One of my favorite things to do is to watch the excitement on my kids' faces as they dig into their Easter baskets! And the bunny has some really great plans for this years' baskets.

Disney Doorables are the most adorable little versions of Disney Characters. With multiple series and your favorite characters, my kids are obsessed with collecting them all!

Squishmallows are without a doubt one of the hottest toys right now.  You can find them in so many stores (if they're not sold out!) but these bunnies are adorable.

Polly Pocket has always and will always be a favorite.  Her little houses and playsets are perfect basket size!

Playdough Cloud Slime is probably the only slime I allow in my house.  This cloud slime is fluffy and not sticky and I have not yet found it stuck in my carpet anywhere!

Smushy Mooshy surprise toys are another one of those crazy hot blind bag collectibles that I know my daughter is hoping for!

5 Surprise Mini Brands are adorable identical replicas of many favorite toys and food products.  These are perfect for playing with LOL dolls or Barbies!

Mr Potato Head Tots - all the fun of Mr Potato Head, but in a smaller smaller, more adorable form! My son is loving collecting these blind bags!

I've always believed that Easter Baskets should be filled with little things (that fit in the basket) and at less than $10 each for everything on this list, it's easy to have a full Easter basket filled iwth fun without breaking the bank.

xo, Heather

March 19, 2021

Hunnewell Elementary School Playground

 The weather has been beautiful this week and we are still on the hunt for new ice cream places and new playgrounds, and our trip to Truly Frozen Yogurt led us across the street to the Hunnewell Elementary School Playground. 

Emmalee loved the gymnastics bars and Tyler was a huge fan of the slide! I liked that there was a trash barrel to clean up and plenty of space to distance from others. There are a ton of picnic tables if you want a place to sit and eat as well!

Hunnewell Elementary School is 28 Cameron St in Wellesley.  It is a school playground so just know that you can't use it during school hours!

March 3, 2021

Back to Work Meal Planning

 I'm normally really great about meal planning and having good dinners ready but I am just in a rut.  I have stocked cabinets, lots of produce and a chest freezer full of protein but I'm just not sure what to cook lately. Honestly, i don't usually do the meal plans because someone in my little family won't like something and I can usually buy the ingredients for less at the local stores.  Paying for the convenience (and no extra portions) hasn't always impressed me. 

But I've decided for the next couple months, I'll be trying out a few of the smaller meal plans to see which really are the best for me. 

Remember: I have given up gluten, have two kids and a grandma to cook for, and I dislike processed foods. This isn't an easy feat but there has to be something out there that's perfect for me, right?

Up on the docket:

Snap Kitchen

Every Plate



Home Chef

I'm excited to see what new and exciting meals they'll inspire!

June Books

  28. You Betrayed Me, Lisa Jackson 29. The Turnout, Megan Abbott 30. The Last Thing He Told Me, Laura Dave 31. The Long Weekend, Gilly Macm...