The Busy Giffs: Taylor Swift Reputation Tour

August 3, 2018

Taylor Swift Reputation Tour

I have loved Taylor Swift since her very first album came out and she hit mainstream music.  I've been to a couple of her concerts and love her old country music as well as her new(ish) pop sound.  I play Reputation on repeat in the car so obviously, Emmalee picked up the love of TSwizzle, so much so that she asked to go to her concert. 

My mom had purchased two tickets for me for my birthday and I went back and forth about bringing Emma or a friend. I ended up asking a friend whose daughter is great friends with Emma and we thought about bringing them both. So I posted in a Facebook ticket group that I was hoping to swap out my 2 100 level tickets (last night) for 4 tickets in the 200s so we could bring the girls. Never worked out. My friend and I went and had an amazing time.
The next morning, I got a message from a lady who offered me 2 seats way below face value so I could bring my daughter since she was no longer able to bring her daughter. Made babysitting arrangements and flew to Foxboro. Emmalee and I spent some time grabbing froyo and finally decided to head on in.
We go through bag check and as the lady scans our ticket, it beeps and we can't get in. The tickets are for Saturday. I message the lady, says she thought I knew it was Saturday, since she had both Friday and Saturday tickets up, apologized and said if I went to will call maybe they would help. Emma burst into tears obviously. We went to the elevator to head to will call and a lady in the elevator asked Emma if she was excited and Emma replied "not anymore, since our tickets didn't work" so I explained the lady what had happened.
We exit the elevator and start to walk to will call and a guy comes up behind us and asks if we want tickets for the show.  I literally can't get screwed again so I politely say no thank you and he responds "no, do you want tickets for tonight". He explained that he had 2 extras for tonight and just really wanted Emma to be able to go in an see the show.  He told me he just had to grab them from will call but he'd get be right back. I'm in tears at this point because this man is so kind and is literally saving Emmalee's night.
He comes back, makes me promise I'll take the tickets so I'm assuming they are 300 levels in the back corner and think to myself that if they're that high, I'll just bring Emma to the viewing area under the score board and watch from there. He hands us the tickets and they are floor section seats. In the first section. 8 rows away from the catwalk. 

I don't know how the world works but oh my gosh, I cried. I hugged a stranger and cried. And when Emmalee saw how close we were to the stage, she cried too. I can't believe that events unfolded like that... it honestly doesn't even seem real. We were able to give him the Saturday night tickets as a way to repay him but honestly, I'll never be able to fully thank hat stranger for what he did for my daughter that night. 

The concert was incredible and I had a very happy little girl. I'm so thankful for that man.


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