The Busy Giffs: New Charlie's Nature Play Area at Buttonwood Park

August 24, 2018

New Charlie's Nature Play Area at Buttonwood Park

It's no secret that we love Buttonwood Park.  We've had a family membership for the past 2 years and used library passes for admission for years before that.  It's a great small zoo that my kids love.  Tyler loves the harbor seals (which he calls sea lions- he'll learn one day), and Emma loves that one of the elephants shares her name, however she is especially excited that Buttonwood Park Zoo is getting a red panda, which is just one of the new things happening at the zoo.

Buttonwood Park Zoo has it's master plan on display in the educational complex and it's very cool to see all the plans they have in place.

While they are still in the middle of building the habitat for the red panda, they have moved around a few of the animals and just finished up construction on the Charlie's Nature Play area, which is "where the goat used to live", according to Emma.

The area is completely new and inspires so much creativity! The kids spent almost a half hour just playing with the tubes, constructing "the longest one in the whole world ever!" I especially loved how collaborative all the kids were. I know we just had a good group of people and that won't always be the case but they were sharing and problem solving together.

In addition to the cool "marble" area, they had a paint with water area, a water area, a huge block building area, tables for smaller block building, a sandbox with an umbrella, a xylophone, balance beams made from logs, a growing area, and a misting area!

I especially loved the log benches set up for parents and the butterflies that were hanging out on the flowers the whole time!

We usually spend about an hour at Buttonwood Park Zoo since my kids love running from one area to the next but we spent an hour just in Charlie's Nature Play area!

I'm so excited about this new area and can't wait to see the next changes!

xo, Heather

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