The Busy Giffs: New "All You Can Play" from Chuck E Cheese

July 23, 2018

New "All You Can Play" from Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E Cheese just rolled out their new "All You Can Play" card and guys... I am here for it.

My kids love Chuck E Cheese and after a really great day with no arguing between them, I brought them so we could check out this new way of paying.. also, Emma found an old wallet with 45 tokens from 2009 so we figured it was worth a shot regardless....

First off, I love that Chuck E Cheese does hand stamps for adults and kids, in black light so that the company is sure you're leaving with the right kids... I mean there are some sick people out there, but anyways... Emmalee immediately asked the guy if she could still use her tokens and he offered to put them on her Play Pass card so she would be able to use them in the machines.

Every commercial I have seen sayd "Play All You Want for Just $9!" but when we went to use the kiosk, it offered a minute card for just $5! After selecting the amount of time I wanted to purchase (30 minutes), it prompted me asking how many cards I wanted the time split up on (up to 4!). I decided to go back and hit 60 minutes so that both kids had 30 minutes of play time on their card. The kiosk wanted $20 for both cards but thanks to Chuck E Cheese's coupons on the website, I was able to get both for only $15.99! It is important to note though that I had to switch over to the counter and speak to an employee to get the discounted price.

Time starts when the first game gets swiped and each time you swipe the card, it tells you how many minutes you have left so the kids were able to countdown and they moved much faster when the time left was less than 5 minutes!

 Every game was available for them, including the non-ticket-winning "rides" like the picture with Chuck E in his car, the spinning cocoa cup, and the giant clock "swing". We did not run into any issues with how quickly you could replay games and the kids could not believe how quickly they could win tickets!

A feature I love is that you can PAUSE your time card We paused ours twice during our trip.  The first was so that Tyler could use the bathroom and the second time was because there was an issue with a game not giving us our tickets. With regular tokens that wouldn't have been an issue, and thanksfully, with the pause button, we didn't lose any precious time!

I especially love that Chuck E Cheese kept their traditional way of playing (Play Points) alongside the new plan. Emma's newly converted tokens gave her even more games to play after her time was up.

It's a great value for the amount of games the kids got to play and helped me set a time limit for how long we were there.  Emmalee is notorious for holding on to her last few tokens, looking for "the perfect game" which drags to an extra 20 minutes of time, so the hard and fast "end time" will be really helpful for some parents.

Overall, I really love the "All You Can Play" and know we'll be taking advantage of it again soon!

xo, Heather

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