The Busy Giffs: Easy Patriotic Push Pop Cupcakes

July 24, 2018

Easy Patriotic Push Pop Cupcakes

With all the patriotic holidays happening in the summer, we came up with this super easy dessert that seriously wows a crowd!

We had a box of these push pop containers in our basement-- I had planed on using them for a birthday party and never did-- so we decided they would be perfect!

A boxed white cake mixs, split in half and colored with food coloring gave us the red and blue cakes.  I used a 13x9 pan and parchment paper (longer than it needed to be and fold in the middle to create a divider) and baked according to the box directions.

After letting it cool, we used a small round cookie cutter to cut out perfect circles of cake.
Blue cake on the bottom, some vanilla frosting, and red cake on top! An extra dollop of frosting and some festive sprinkles really finished it off!

The possibilities are really endless when you start thinking about cake colors and sprinkle combinations! I really love these mini sized push pops too!

I'll be making these for every holiday going forward... orange frosting with chocolate cake for Halloween, vanilla cake with gold or maroon chipped frosting for the fall, and red and green for Christmas!

What holiday would you make these for?

xo, Heather

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