The Busy Giffs: Muddy "Bunny" Mix

March 28, 2018

Muddy "Bunny" Mix

Easter is so early this year! I feel like it usually happens much later in April.  So late sometimes that we are enjoying our Spring break week down the Cape and celebrate Easter down there! But this year... so early.  I'm actually really excited about it not being during vacation week because that means my family will partake in the holiday tradition we have and head to my grandmother's house with so many of my family members.  Because we have such a large family, we set it up like a big pot luck every holiday.  Each person volunteers two or three items, things get put out on the table, and then everyone gets to enjoy without any one person doing too much work.

Every holiday, we end up bringing a dessert to these gatherings. My kids love spending time cooking and baking and sweet treats are their favorites. We decided to whip up a super simple Easter recipe this year and we call it Muddy BUNNY Mix!

muddy buddies, easter, spring, easy recipe

We started with a basic Muddy Buddies recipe straight from the Chex box.  Tyler wanted to add in some miniature marshmallows and Easter M&Ms so it became Muddy BUNNY mix!

Tyler was obsessed, eating it by the handful.  It's such a simple dessert-- I'm excited to keep tweaking it for new holidays!

What's your go to dessert recipe for Easter?

xo, Heather

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