The Busy Giffs: An Honest Review of Nectar Mattresses

October 20, 2017

An Honest Review of Nectar Mattresses

If you're a parent, you know that in life, the kids end up with what they need, and usually want as well, before you end up with what you need. For the past year, Dave and I have been saying we need a new mattress. The mattress we have was purchased in January of 2010, making it almost 8 years old. Now most mattresses say they last between 5 and 10 years, but let's be honest- our moving in together decision was quick! WE had planned to stay where we were: me, living basically rent free with my family and him living in an apartment with a super low rent with one of his friends for a few more months so when we decided on a Friday to move in together sooner and signed papers on Sunday for said apartment, we grabbed a cheap mattress. It fell apart quickly.  There is currently a dent where each of us sleeps.  We can feel the springs, even though it has an extra padded pillow top. A full night's rest was no longer restful. Add in two kids who like to wake up at 5:30 am and crawl in for morning snuggles, it was time for a new, bigger bed.

Also, do you know how hard it is to bring kids shopping? Like I literally do all of my shopping online (minus groceries) because keeping the two kids in tow, without fighting is worthy of a trophy in itself, never mind adding in a room full of bouncy, jump on me mattresses!

I started researching online mattresses months ago.  I read reviews, watched videos, and compared specs. I mean, I did research. And then I fell in love with Nectar Mattresses.  It offered an affordable price point, gives you a 365 night trial, free shipping and a forever warranty. For under $800 I could be sure that we had a mattress we love. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and before you know it the money you were going to use on a mattress went to dental costs, back to school items, and new tires so you can imagine my excitement when Nectar reached out asking if we'd like to try out their mattress!

The mattress arrived a full week earlier than I was expecting, which to me was both amazing and stressful since we didn't have a bed frame for it yet! A quick order to Amazon for a simple bed frame and two days later we started to set up!

The mattress itself arrives rolled up and compressed.  The mattress felt heavy at 89 lbs, but the packaging does tell you to team lift and with the help of my husband, I was able to move it.  

Set up is a breeze. I mean, probably the easiest I've ever dealt with.  Because it is packaged up so tight, it was easy to maneuver down the hallway and into our bedroom.  Honestly, with the angles we have, I'm not sure any other mattress would have made it in!

We removed the outer packaging and laid the mattress as flat as we could get it on the bed frame. Then we took off the next set of packaging - super carefully! We even used the awesome tool they included so we didn't nick the bed. I was really impressed with the fact that there was no gross, chemical foam type smell that can be associated with these types of mattresses. I was a bit concerned at first though, because even though the packaging says it can take up to 3 days to fully get back to its original shape, it was looking a little flat. I left it alone for a couple hours and took the kids shopping. When we got back I could not believe how different it was! The mattress was thick and so comfortable!

I like firmness to my mattress but I also like the feeling of sinking into my pillows and Nectar gave me exactly that.  It's a medium firm mattress but the soft foam is so comfortable.

The idea of ordering a mattress online, without ever trying it out was petrifying but I am so glad we did! I literally get the best sleep I've had and it's so ridiculously comfortable. Now that we have a new mattress, we needed new bed sheets, so now we're looking at paint colors- so I can't wait to share a full bedroom overhaul soon!

Be sure to check out Nectar mattresses and order one for yourself! With the 365 night trial-- you have nothing to lose! Click through on my affiliate link and be sure to let them know where you heard about Nectar mattresses!

xo, Heather

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