The Busy Giffs: Emmalee's HasCon 2017 Picks

September 27, 2017

Emmalee's HasCon 2017 Picks

Hasbro hosted it's first ever HasCon this year in Providence, Rhode Island and we were lucky enough to attend, thanks to some tickets provided by Hasbro. Emmalee was absolutely in love with the toys.  We're huge Hasbro fans anyways, but we're taking a quick minute to highlight her absolute favorites from the show!

In no particular order....

1. Baby Alive

Emma has been asking for a Baby Alive for months.  She loves the idea of feeding and changing the diapers! There are so many different ones, ranging from as low as $15 so they are a great toy to keep on hand for the girls in your life!

2. FurReal Pets

Emmalee loves Pandas and was extra excited to find a Fur Real Pet Panda at HasCon! It's an adorable little toy! Tyler preferred the bigger Tiger, aptly named Tyler!

3. My Little Ponies

There are so many new ponies! Pirate Ponies and Mer-ponies! We could have spent all morning just coloring and playing!

4. Littlest Pet Shop Rings

The Littlest Pet Shop Animals are adorable and now they are micro-sized to wear around everyday!

5. Equestria Girls Dolls

These dolls premiered at HasCon- how fun! Sadly, they won't be out until Spring but Emma is obsessed and I'm sure we'll be adding them to the rest of our MLP collection!

6. Doh Vinci

I was actually surprised that Emmalee loved the Doh Vinci! We recieved one a couple years ago and she tried it, got bored , and walked away.  At HasCon, she would have been occupied for hours with it! It even made it's way on to her Wish List! I can't really even describe it- it's almost like PlayDoh (but it doesn't get under your fingernails!) but you use the device to use it almost like a caulking gun and then it hardens!

7. Disney Tangled Dolls

We've always been big fans of Tangled and now we love watching the TV show, so why not add a few more Rapunzel dolls to our collection?

8. Descendents Dolls

The Descendants quickly became a favorite of Emmalee's- she's even being Evie (the duaghter of the Evil Queen) for Halloween! I love the premise of the show, and any show that helps kids deal with their own feelings of belonging are great in my book! The detail on these dolls are gorgeous!

9. Hanazuki

This was a big favorite! We had never even heard of the brand before but Hanazuki has a Netflix series, plush dolls, and collectible treasures!

10. Sit and Spin

Such a simple toy, but always a favorite-- even when I was a kid! Check out the huge one in the background... seriously bummed they wouldn't let me have that one.

11. Trolls stuffies

Trolls are pretty adorable already, but these mini, super soft plush toys are the cutest version of Trolls I've seen! They're the perfect size for stockings!

12. Star Wars Forces of Destiny Dolls

These dolls are seriously B.A. I love them and I love that the show gives my little girl a strong, courageous show full of strong females... not just one that starts as meek and learns to be strong, although, knowing my kid, Barbie and Rey will be swapping clothes at some point.

13. Disney Frozen Collection

This is another set that isn't actually out yet but will be soon! Even though Frozen has been around for years, with a new short coming out, the characters got an update. A few pieces are already available on Amazon, but the rest will be coming up soon!

There was so much to see, we absolutely didn't get to share it all in this post but these are a few of Emma's favorites! Which is your favorite?

xo, Heather

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