The Busy Giffs: Beat Bugs and Hearts for Hearts Girl Dolls

August 25, 2017

Beat Bugs and Hearts for Hearts Girl Dolls

I'm always excited for new toys-- sometimes even more so than my kids and Blip recently released two toy lines that I just LOVE!

1. The Beat Bugs toys!

Have you heard of the Beat Bugs yet? The Beat Bugs are these adorable little bugs that are inspired by the music of the Beatles. The animated cartoon is on Netflix and Tyler loves it! The music is redone by some of today's most popular artists (like Sia and P!nk!) and it's a great show to dance along to. I was super excited to find some of the bug toy figures at Target last week.  Since Emma loves doing her videos now, she insisted on setting up all the bugs in front of the show!

Pay no attention to the stickers that Ty put on our television....

Any toys or tv that inspires a love of music, and plays good music for mom to clean to while they watch an episode, is good in my book! The toys themselves are exclusive to Target stores, and the show is only on Netflix but you have to check them out if you haven't yet!

2. Hearts for Hearts Girl

Emmalee loves dolls. Doesn't matter if it's American Girl 18" dolls, Our Generation clothes, and accessories, or the new American Girl 14" Wellie Wishers, she loves dolls. We were introduced to the Heart for Hearts Girls through Blip toys after Blogger Bash and I fell in love too!

For every doll sold, Hearts For Hearts Girls makes a $1 donation to their charitable partner, World Vision, a global humanitarian organization that supports children through local programs. Whether it’s malaria nets in Africa, schoolbooks in Asia, or food supplies in the US, these programs help kids to thrive and succeed.

How great is it to find a toy that my child loves that also has an important backstory and supports a great cause. There are currently four girls: Rahel from Ethiopia, Dell from the USA, Consuelo from Mexico, and Nahji from India. Emmalee was lucky enough to be sent Rahel and she instantly joined Emma's other 14" dolls, as well as the 18" ones she has. 

American Girl Wellie Wisher on the left and Rahel on the right. 

You can purchase the dolls at Target and other major retailers. I love that the Heart for Heart Girls have a great price point (currently $39.99 at Target) and do good for others when I buy them for my girl.  I can't wait to add a few more to her collection this holiday season!

Do you prefer the Beat Bugs or the Heart to Heart Dolls?

xo, Heather

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