The Busy Giffs: Getting Ready for Disney - Outfits

July 10, 2017

Getting Ready for Disney - Outfits

The countdown is officially on! We're about a month away from a rather impromptu trip to Florida (less than 4 months from deciding to flying!) to visit our favorite Mouse and his friends!

After doing the important things like getting a puppy/house sitter squared away, paying for it (ha!), and planning what we're doing when... it's time to move on to the fun extras! I always start preparing outfits for the kids whole family, let's be honest.

The kids already have a ton of Disney themed clothing items so I do a quick inventory to see what is "August in Florida" appropriate. I stick to tanks, t-shirts and shorts for the kids. I really love them in t-shirts, even in the heat because I can worry less about their shoulders burning in the sun. Even though I love Emma in dresses, shorts are a much more practical option

The great thing about Disney apparel is how much there is out there if you don't have what you want! Obviously The Disney Store offers so much but there are other avenues to find Disney themed apparel! You'll notice there are NO Etsy shops on here... don't worry- they're coming soon!

Facebook Boutiques

I found adorable tunic tops for Emma from an adorable Facebook boutique called The Mocc Shop. They do flash sale type selling, where things are posted and then purchased as a group and sent out. It can take a few weeks to get something but the prices are cheap so it's worth it to me! I found the same tunic tops (referred to as Pearls) on other Facebook boutiques like Mawmaw Sally's as well.  Mirror Mirror Boutique is a personal favorite and they had the most adorable mermaid bikinis!

Disney pearl, facebook, boutique

Box Lunch

Box Lunch is a lesser known brick and mortar store but I love their mission. With every $10 spent on pop culture-themed product offerings of apparel, accessories, home goods, gift and novelty, and collectibles, BoxLunch helps provide a meal secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. Look good and do good? Sold.
I'm super in love with the Goofy movie shirts-- super throwbacks! For David, for myself, or for one of the kids! Although.. the guys face in the picture... hmm....

Goofy Movie, Powerline music

Hot Topic

I always steered clear of Hot Topic. Growing up, it was the goth/punk store and I am neither but they have amazing hair accessories, make up, and Disney merchandise! Dave and I each grabbed a tank top from there!


Kohls is another often overlooked but since I love the savings there, it makes sense to shop there for Disney stuff as well! Not only did I grab some great tanks to Tyler and David, but I also bought little trinkets, like lip gloss and a Mickey doll to tuck away to have as pixie presents during our stay!

Disney shirts, toys, vacation, disney world


Keds has an entire collaboration line and I'm obsessed. I had planned on buying a new pair of Sperrys but I think a pair of Keds may be what I end up with! They're adorable!
Amazon has the Minnie head pair {you can purchase through my affiliate link here}.

Minnie Mouse shoes


Van offer a much wider range of designs than the Keds, offering [aff]unisexkids, and toddler sized shoes. I love that they can be ordered through my Amazon affiliate link and are eligible for Prime which means you'll have them in 2 days!


Dooney and Bourke

I am obsessed with the Dooney and Bourke Disney bags. Like, the Disney Sketch is my dream bag, but unless it clearances out like the Coach collaboration did [not likely], I'll keep dreaming... How awesome is the new Star Wars design?! Amazon has a ton of designs, but many are much more marked up than the Disney website.

Next up... picking out ears to match our outfits!

xo,  Heather

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