The Busy Giffs: McDonald's and Kids in the Kitchen #McDKidsintheKitchen

September 1, 2016

McDonald's and Kids in the Kitchen #McDKidsintheKitchen

 I received compensation from McDonald’s in exchange for writing this review. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions my own.

Last week, Emmalee and I were invited to the Natick McDonald's to hear about the great changes McDonald's has made it to it's menu. McDonald's has really been stressing their commitment to nutrition and well-being, which flips the fast food idea that many have had for years.

Some of the changes McDonald's has made includes using a Spring Mix in it's salads, rather than just locally sourced iceberg lettuce,  making burgers with 100% ground beef that has no additives , and Grade A fresh eggs, literally all things found in my own refrigerator.  Additionally, McDonald's has moved to artificial preservative and antibiotic free chicken breast meat. It's important that my kids get the same caliber of food I offer at home when we head out for McDonald's.

We started out our day with McDonald's listening to a nutritionist talk to the kids about healthy foods and choices, even going over what should be on their plate at each meal. It's a nice visual for kids so they can take ownership in what they are eating.

You can't spend all morning talking about Happy meals and then not get one, right? I really loved the idea that a Happy Meal doesn't have to be the full meal, you can add in more veggies and manipulate the food a bit to be sure you're getting all your servings!

Emmalee loves the chicken nuggets and added a Chocolate milk, apple slices, and a yogurt to her meal to up the nutritional value.
Instead of eating the chicken nuggets right out of the box, we made little wrap sandwiches, using romaine lettuce leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded cheese, and cut up chicken nuggets.  We topped ours with Ranch dressing before folding them up to eat!

It was such a great way to eat a classic Happy Meal, that packed an even better for you punch of veggies!

I'm so excited about the changes that have happened at McDonald's; I am more excited to bring my children there now, knowing that they are getting meats that have no extra additives in them, and knowing that they can opt for better for you choices!

What do you think about the changes? Are you more apt to swing by McDonald's now that these changes are in place?

xo Heather

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