The Busy Giffs: Most Played With Toys Since Blogger Bash #BBNYC & Giveaway!

August 5, 2016

Most Played With Toys Since Blogger Bash #BBNYC & Giveaway!

There were so many toys at Blogger Bash this year, I seriously don't know how I'll share all of them, but I wanted to start with a few that the kids have been playing with nonstop since I got home from New York!

The most played toy is a board game!
The Cat in the Hat is back in an adorable board game called Thing One and Thing Two Whirly Fun Game (you can buy it here on Amazon {aff}). I love that it is a noncompetitive game, everyone wins or everyone loses.

The object of the game is to have a clean house before Mother gets inside the house. The players set up the game, stacking items on each other, and placing them on spots in the game. Each player picks a card and some cards tell you to pick up items, others tell you to move Mother closer to the door, and the other card tells you to set off the whirling top that is Thing One and Thing Two!

It's the cutest game, and other than winding up the top, my 5 year old can run it herself with the two year old. Since no single player wins, it's cooperative fun that they love!

Another toy we've been having a ton of fun with are Magical Mee Mees! They are still brand new but I did find a couple play sets on Amazon (you can buy them through my affiliate link here).

Mee Mees are these super small, microscopic little things that live all around us, but they are so tiny we can't see them.
Each Mee Mee has their own environment that they live in. They "come to life" when you push down on their heads, they light up and vibrate! They light up different colors based on their emotions!

Speaking of lighting up for their emotions, they respond to food treats too! Different treats make the Mee Mees light up different colors.
These little treats come in blind bags, which means my kids are obsessed with them!

They'll be coming out in the coming weeks and you absolutely have to pick some up!

Our other favorite toy is Floof!
This is another that is brand new and you absolutely have to get some (check out the sets on Amazon {aff}). It's like marshmallows meet kinetic sand. It is the softest, most amazing feeling stuff I've ever touched. It responds like a stress ball... I can't even put into words how great it is.

We got the coolest set of Floof that is a S'mores set! Plastic graham crackers, chocolate and roasting sticks, as well as two marshmallow molds. Considering how much we love s'mores in this house, it was an obvious favorite!

I came home from Blogger Bash with a Chubby Puppy and we had to immediately add a Chubby Kitty (they have Bunnies too!{aff}) to our family!

They are the cutest little things, hobbling around after you turn them on! Emma is a huge fan and I feel like we'll have an entire kennel's worth soon!

So it's only a few toys we've been loving lately, and more are coming, but it would be rude to show you great toys and not offer them to you, right?

So you can win your own Magical Mee Mee, 2 blind bags of treats, and a container of Floof! 
(Must be a US winner!) Good luck!


  1. Ahhhh! I am obsessed with these all, especially the Mee Wees. Gavin saw them and said "I wanna play with their Mee Wees!" Guess I'll have to use some of those aff links for my little guy's birthday coming up next month.

  2. The cat in the hat would be all the rage for us....livivua on rafflecopter


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