The Busy Giffs: First Game at Fenway

July 29, 2016

First Game at Fenway

Tuesday night I took the kids for their first game at Fenway Park. I can't say it's their first trip because Emma actually went to Fenway when she was only 10 months old for the 100 year anniversary celebration.  She's even (been) walked on the field! But this was different... their first game.

I was very excited, as we won tickets from a fellow blogger and it was American Girl night! Dave had to work but I called up one of my best friends and she met us to take the train in!

I knew the kids would not last through the whole game so I went in with low expectations! Ha! They surprised me by staying in their seats until the middle of the third inning and then they were antsy.  Thankfully there is a (FREE!) Kids Clubhouse that was perfect for them!

We spent a couple innings in the clubhouse and then made our way home early.
They didn't make it through the whole game but it was so amazing being able to bring them to their first Red Sox game.  The Sox are such a huge thing for us so I can' t even put into words how thankful I am that I got to share this with them!

xo, Heather

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