The Busy Giffs: New Blind Bag Toys from Tech 4 Kids!

May 19, 2016

New Blind Bag Toys from Tech 4 Kids!

These toys were provided in exchange for our review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Hooray for more blind bag toys! It's no secret we're big fans of blind bag toys (you can see others we've opened here, here, and here) and we're so excited when we received some new ones in the mail!

The first we opened were the small Finding Dory Squishy Pops. We're so excited for the upcoming release and Emma was even more excited to add some Finding Dory ones to her My Little Pony collection of Squishy Pops.  Like all blind bags, you don't know what you're getting and while she was initially bummed that she got two of the same Nemo Squishy Pops, she decided she could share one with her brother so tears were saved and everyone was happy again.

When we opened the Finding Dory Mash'Ems, we found 2 of the same Dory! But never fear, once again, Emma wanted to share!

She did not want to share her My Little Pony Micro LITE packages though! This girl loves My Little Ponies and was thrilled that she got Fluttershy and Princess Twilight Sparkle, who are two of her favorites! She turned the lights off in her room and used the Micro LITEs as little flashlights all night long!

Tech 4 Kids makes some really great blind bag toys and we can't wait to see what great pieces they come out with next month!


  1. Ooh my daughter would love the My Little Ponies!!! So fun!

    1. They make great incentive treats for things like potty training! :)


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