The Busy Giffs: Dolls, Dolls, Dolls - Toy Fair 2016

March 2, 2016

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls - Toy Fair 2016

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Last week I wrote about 10 of my favorite toys that I saw at Toy Fair but I left out a very important category- 18" dolls!

Since our trip to New York in December, Emma has seriously been bitten by the American Girl bug. We have visited the Natick store, poured over the catalogs, and her 3 dolls share a bunk bed in the living room next to boxes of clothes and accessories. She is obsessed!

While American Girl products are amazing, sometimes it's hard to justify $30 outfits for a doll when I don't spend that much on my own clothes! I'm constantly looking for other companies that offer quality products for her 18" inch dolls and was happily surprised by all the options available at Toy fair.

1. The Queen's Treasures

The Queen's Treasures had some amazingly well put together items.  I was especially in love with the Jane Goodall scene (the tent can be bought here!) they had set up and the little tiki coconut stand. The food looks almost real enough to eat!

2. American Fashion World

The American Fashion World Booth caught my attention because it was one of the least expensive as far as doll clothes, in addition to the variety of outfits that were offered.  I was especially drawn to the Frozen inspired outfits: Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. I know a 4 year old who would LOVE to have them and at around $30 for all 3 outfits, it's a price point I'm comfortable spending on doll clothes.

3. Sophia's

I have actually bought a ton of Sophia's accessories off Amazon before so I was very excited to see them at Toy fair. Their treat accessories are the best I have seen and hold up amazingly well.  The ASPCA collaboration and the small Coleman accessories are the cutest!

4. Kid Kraft

While Kid Kraft does not make dolls or doll clothes, they make the most gorgeous doll houses for 18" dolls. Both stand over 4 feet and are beautifully detailed. You can find both doll houses on the Kid Kraft website or at Amazon: the Elegant Doll house (on the left)  or the Breanna Doll house (on the right) for under $250 right now!

5. The Great Pretenders

Hands down one of my favorite booths of the whole day.  Not only would Emma be obsessed with the gorgeous princess inspired 18" doll outfits, but they offer matching dresses in her size! I love that they are actual quality dresses, not cheap polyester that will fall apart quickly. While I didn't take any pictures of them, there were also lots of great male dress up options: pirates, knights, and superheros because let's be honest, boys like to play pretend too!

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