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February 19, 2016

Our Experience with

Let's be honest... and every other one of those "meet a babysitter online" ideas is scary as hell as a parent, am I right? But, we're at the point where I need a babysitter for 4 out of the next 5 weeks and I can't ask my mom or sister to cover that many days, it's too much.  It really has been the push we needed to find a local babysitter.  We asked around and didn't get much back from others so I tried I mean, I used to get babysitting jobs through the site, so how different could it be to be on the hiring side?

It is so different! I am so ridiculously nervous. How do I put my kids into the hands of a stranger?

First off, there is a fee, but I of course had a coupon, which you can find here. After the coupon, it was under $20 per month for 3 months. I was apprehensive at first but am already so impressed with the outcome. made it super easy.  I posted a job, looking for a sporadic babysitter, one or two nights a month but I had a few specific dates that I knew I'd need. I hit publish and went to bed.

Within 24 hours, I had 16 messages from caregivers who were interested in the job. has some automated rejections which made it easier to say no to a few who just didn't fit what we were looking for on paper.

I was able to respond to the applicants that looked like what we were hoping for on paper. I sent a message to 8 of the applications and ended up scheduling 3 interviews. Two of the girls are amazing and we'll be asking them back while one fell a bit short in person.

We did the "interviews" in our house which allowed the perspective sitters the chance to play with the kids and for me to see how they interact with toys and the outside playground, but there is the option to meet at a library or Dunks, etc. We did not opt for the background checks ($59 additional) but did ask each girl to provide some references and I'll be calling to follow up with them. Assuming the references check out, which I can't imagine them not after meeting these girls, we'll have 2 new babysitters on file!

I'm still getting messages so there is a chance that we could end up with a few more names before our 3 month period is up!

If you're considering trying out, you absolutely should! I can't even tell you how excited I am to have babysitters lined up already for the next month worth of events!

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