The Busy Giffs: Gaining the Confidence Needed for Potty Training with GoodNites TruFit Undies

August 3, 2015

Gaining the Confidence Needed for Potty Training with GoodNites TruFit Undies

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Tell me I'm not alone in the potty training thing. She's 4. You would think by now, she'd get it and maybe that's the hardest part, she was already potty trained. I'm talking sleeping through the night in 'big girl underwear with no accidents' potty trained. And then we had her baby brother and it's like she had no idea what a toilet was anymore. 

It was a long year after that. Peeing on the carpet, on the chair, in her bed, in our bed, at school... I brought her to the doctor because I was concerned something was wrong with her because it was so bad. She would scream because she didn't want "baby pull on diapers" but if we didn't put something on her, it was basically a guaranteed mess. 

The past 3 months have gone much better. She goes in the toilet during the day 90% of the time but will still have a problem once a day or every other day. Our biggest problem is bed time.  She wants to wear her 'big girl undies' but I am really sick of washing bed sheets every morning so I was thrilled when I went to CVS to pick up some snacks and stumbled upon the GoodNites TruFit Starter Pack, which is not like a diaper, but was actual fabric underwear with a disposable absorbent insert. I quickly checked out their Facebook page and Twitter feed to see what others had to say about them and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive so I figured we could try them out! It was the perfect way to keep her happy in real underwear without me having to change bed sheets every day!

I brought them home to her and crossed my fingers. She loved them immediately!  She loved that they were purple and matched her t-shirt.  At bedtime, I loved that we didn't have a fight; she happily put on her 'night time undies' and crawled into bed!

The next morning, she came running into my room (at 6:20 am mind you....) yelling "Mommy, my bed is dry!!"; she was so excited and proud of herself! All day she walked around with a confident little swagger because her bed was dry when she woke up. The next night, she brought another pair of the GoodNites TruFit underwear to me and asked me to help her put on her night time undies.  The look on my husband's face as she did a "fashion show" in her new real underwear was priceless! My little girl is so confident in herself and her ability to NOT wet the bed, it's amazing! I know that the confidence she is getting from her GoodNites TruFit underwear is what is helping her conquer this potty training thing!

She loves her special underwear so much that she leaves her favorite ice queen in charge of protecting the package of inserts. I know I overheard her telling her little brother that he would be 'frozen to ice' if he tried to take them! How cute!

I know it will still take a little time so I'm excited that I can get a coupon to save even more (you can grab that coupon here or here) as we continue working on being completely accident free! 

So, am I the only one? How's potty training going for you? Could GoodNites TruFit Starter Pack help your little one gain the confidence they need to conquer the world.. I mean... potty training?


  1. Congrats on the success and on her new brother! It's always frustrating when they go backwards, isn't it?

  2. I have heard that kids can revert in potty training after the birth of a new sibling. I am glad to hear that the GoodNites are working for her! #client

  3. Potty training is always much harder than I anticipated, I was always thankful for products like these!

  4. I wonder how good nites would hold up against regular baby dry Pampers. We are potty training my young toddler so we do still need to do a diaper for naps and bedtime. But I wonder if the good nites would be better since she does wake up dry (at least from naps). Thanks for the post! Gives me something to think about.

    1. We use Luvs with my 1 year so I can't test out the Pampers, but to satisfy my own curiosity, I put one of the absorbent pads in to the undies and poured an entire cup on the pad. It absorbed all of it, and it was just in the middle third of the pad! I'm curious how much more it would hold but I can't see my duaghter peeing more than a cup! :)


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