The Busy Giffs: NYC, Broadway & Aladdin

August 17, 2015

NYC, Broadway & Aladdin

I grew up a bit of a theater person. I remember being like 9 years old and opening up a Christmas gift from my grandma that has a pair of pajamas in it. I was kind of disappointed because everyone else had gotten pretty awesome (read: bigger) gifts but when she asked if I liked them, I of course said I did, letting her know they were wonderful. She told me that I should check the pockets because you never know what you might find and I found 2 tickets to my first show at the Boston Opera House to see The Wizard of Oz.

Front row balcony seats and I was hooked. I went on to see many more like Chicago, Nutcracker, and Lion King, in addition to being involved with my school productions of the Wizard of Oz, Romeo and Juliet, Aladdin, Fiddler on the Roof, and the King and I, so it's no surprise that I spent 29 years of my life dreaming about seeing a show in New York City on Broadway. I've seen lots of off Broadway shows in Boston, but nothing on Broadway.

When I went to Blogger Bash in NYC, I was lucky enough to sneak away for a few minutes and ended up winning 2 tickets in the $30 lottery that is held right before the show.  Full $100+ tickets for $30! Amazing!

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My roommate, Sarah of sweet lil you, happily accompanied me and it was amazing! The scenery, costumes, the songs! The show had the favorites we grew up with like Friend Like Me and Show You the World but there some new songs as well! there were a few major tweaks, like no Abu, but the changes were great.  It made the play just different enough that you had to pay attention but still familiar enough that it was still magical. The genie even did a lil whip and nae nae so there's that!

I of course started talking to the usher who was working in our section and he told us we where we could go to have the chance to meet the cast! So when the show ended we took a side stair case and ended up on 41st street right next to the stage door! We got to meet Courtney Reed who played Jasmine, Adam Jacobs who plays Aladdin, and James Monroe Iglehart who played the genie! Does the genie look familiar? He plays Coriolanus Burt, Titus' arch nemesis on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

It was such a magical night and I am so excited I was able to go! It's one more thing to cross off of my 30 by 30 list!

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