The Busy Giffs: Navigating Disney with Kingdom Stroller Rentals and

July 6, 2015

Navigating Disney with Kingdom Stroller Rentals and

Disclaimer: I was provided a stroller free of charge to facilitate this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

The world knows I am obsessed with my stroller and I have read some horror stories about strollers getting destroyed during airplane transport.  I just couldn't risk anything happening to "my baby".  Even though I knew I'd have my LILLEbaby airflow carrier with me for the the little guy, I also knew that I would need a stroller for the princess. Lots of walking, some late nights, and big crowds where she could easily get lost... I needed to have a mode of transportation for her that did not require me carrying her while wearing her brother.

A quick Google search brought me to

 Strollers and Groceries partnered with Kingdom Strollers to provide strollers and groceries to Disney, as well as many other local places, vacationers. 

Here's why you NEED to order through them:

1. One low delivery fee for both the stroller and the groceries! If you rent a stroller from Strollers and Groceries, they will deliver your groceries for free! That's a $14 savings! In addition to the double stroller we rented, we had milk, cereal, yogurt, and fresh produce delivered to the hotel room.  It made a quick breakfast before the park a breeze!

2. It's so much more affordable than Disney stroller rentals. We rented the City Mini GT Double stroller for a total of $80 for an entire week.

(current as of July 2015) 

At $31 a day for a double stroller from Disney, we saved over a $100 off of the Disney price!

3. Much more comfortable than a Disney stroller!
Take a look again at the beautiful, comfortable City Mini GT Double... 

Now check out the strollers Disney offers. Hard plastic. No reclining options. It's clear to see which you would prefer. 

4. You need a double, even if you only have one kid. 
Half the time I was wearing Tyler in our LILLEbaby airflow carrier, but I still needed a place to put all the "stuff" we would need over the day: diapers, wipes, change of clothes, small snacks to hold the kids over, ponchos, etc.  That's a lot to carry on my shoulder while also wearing a 20 lb little guy. 

We have a TON of vacation photos with my oversized purse (similar) taking up the second seat. Either kid is on one side and the bag is on the other.  Emma wanted to walk around for most of the day but there were times when she needed a place to sit... or sleep...

5. You can't remove Disney strollers from the parks. Which means if the above had happened in a Disney Park stroller, someone would have been carrying a sleeping child the whole way home. You do have to fold up the strollers on the buses but the ability to keep her in the stroller as we left the park and waited for the buses and being able to put her back in it from the resort bus stop to our room was priceless. 

We would not have survived our Disney vacation without this amazing stroller! Whether it was a napping place for the little guy while I went on rides with the princess, a purse holder, or a way to get through the parks quickly without the 4 year old being distracted by everything, it was perfect for us!

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