The Busy Giffs: Getting Ready for Disney!

June 9, 2015

Getting Ready for Disney!

Disney is only 2 weeks away!! Ahhh!
There aren't words to talk about how excited I am and I can't even be crazy about because the princess still doesn't know we're going! Yey!
I've been getting a lot of the planning done behind the scenes but I just have to share!

1. Tinkerbell has been busy tucking away gifts to give the kids at Disney!
By shopping clearance at Disney Store and Target as well as the dollar store for small dolls, glow sticks, and other toys, I've been able to put aside a TON of little trinkets that can be given to the kids either in the morning as "Tinkerbell Gifts" or to keep them occupied as a surprise throughout the park! We're hoping that by spending the $30 on this stuff now, we'll save a TON in the parks!

2. Our Magic Bands are so fun!
To really customize each band, I ordered bands from DVC Central and The Happy Sticker Shop, as well as monograms for me and the girls from Happy Notes and More and Carolina Decals! I'll let you know how they hold up when we get back!

3. We ordered a stroller to use while we are there! Originally we planned on bringing our amazing Joovy VaryLight stroller, which converts from a single to a sit and stand but after talking to friends, we realized we absolutely need two seats that can recline for 2 kids to take naps in. I'm planning on bringing my lillebaby Airflow but having a double carriage will give us a space to have a sleeping girl and places for our "stuff" while the little man is riding high in the baby carrier.  We're renting from Kingdom Strollers as part of their Strollers and Grocery Program! A beautiful double stroller will be waiting for us at the hotel when we arrive and it's ours for the week!

We love the Strollers and Grocery Program because they'll deliver groceries to the room at the same time! We put in an order for diary and produce items like milk, yogurt, grapes, and bananas so that we have some delicious and nutritious food in the room as well! The best part is, if you order a stroller or crib form them, the grocery delivery is free! That's a $14 savings!

4. I bought some supplies to make some Disney shirts and I can't wait to share! I sneaked a bit on Instagram but I'll share on the blog this week! I'm also hoping to make some custom Minnie Mouse ears so I'm hoping they turn out well!

5. And we have a puppy/kitty/house sitter for the week! We've never had one before and have always boarded the dog but we just felt more comfortable with a house sitter this time around. No worries about the house being unprotected and the pup gets to stay in her own bed for the week!

It's getting so close and I can't wait!

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