The Busy Giffs: Something New : Save Some Money with Yipit!

May 8, 2015

Something New : Save Some Money with Yipit!

I've constantly thought about adding a coupon piece to the blog; a discount piece that will help other mamas, and not mamas, get great deals because I love a good deal too!
But coupon blogs take up your entire life. I have no idea how some of my blogger friends update coupon blogs as much as they do! I've seen upwards of 15 posts in a single day! It's just too much for me! Thankfully I have a few friends over at Yipit and they want to help me out. 

Once a month, the gorgeous people will send me a few awesome deals to share with you! They have promised me both nationwide deals and then some area specific ones tailored to you!

I'm so excited to start sharing these great deals with you!


San Diego
New York
Los Angeles
San Jose
San Antonio


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