The Busy Giffs: Little Man is One Year Old!

May 21, 2015

Little Man is One Year Old!

How did I miss the 11th month update!? #momfail

But it happens.
Blogging in April was almost nonexistent. 
Between observations at work, the last couple weeks of my grad program, and just a general oberwhelm... I needed a break front writing.

But I'm back and the little guy is already one!

30 1/2 inches  and 19 lb 14 oz. Can we talk about how tall he is?! Yikes! 


He's got some gorgeous red curls going on! I'm still trying to hold off on his hair cut but that may not happen.
He has 4 teeth and a bunch of gummy smiles.
He also does this super coy thing where he looks down at the floor when he's acting shy. Way too cute.

Firsts and Milestones:

We are fully walking unsupproted now! The first couple steps happened the day before Easter and now he flies the through the house.  He will soemtimes drop to his knees so he can move faster, or uses his activity walker (or a chair) to zoom around, but loves just walking unsupported!


Some nights are awesome, and some nights are not.
He likes to fall asleep around 7:30 at night and is always wide awake by 6:15 am, whether or not there are middle of the night wake ups.
He only sleeps on his side or belly and will still roll himself if you try and put him any other way.


Seriously, just about everything.
We are still nursing but I stopped pumping when I got back from Las Vegas so we've been doing bottles of half frozen milk and half formula while I'm at work.  Hopefully we can stretch the frozen milk out until we transition entirely.
Otherwise, he LOVES scrambled eggs, any Gerber baby finger foods, french fries, vegetables like corn, peas, and green beans, and all kinds of meat including chicken, hamburger, and turkey! 
I'm always amazed at how much he can eat!
We made some home made deconstructed chicken pot pie and he polished off 3 (baby sized)plates!
He's making lots of consonant sounds like Bah, Dah, Mmmm, and Wah.
"Mom is the only read word we can hear but he's getting there.

His favorites:
Any electronics, especially phones and remotes. And he's not silly enough to use fake ones-- only mom and dad's will do!
Music and dancing!
The little guy shakes it! Both back and forth and up and down, I just laugh so much when he dances!
He also really loves the animals lately giving big open mouth kisses on their backs!

My favorites:

The dancing has got to be my favorite this month.
He gets so into it and will just yell and shake around when any music plays, including just me singing!
He gives kisses if you ask for them, right on your mouth... and it's adorable.
Also, the way he yawns and snuggles on to my shoulder when he's tired.

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