The Busy Giffs: Breathe Easier with Luma Comfort Humidifiers: HC12B Review

March 16, 2015

Breathe Easier with Luma Comfort Humidifiers: HC12B Review

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

We keep getting hit with more snow. Like I'm seriously over snow... I have been for at least 3 weeks. We have 'sprung ahead' and the Red Sox are playing in Florida... it should be Spring. 

I am over the snow. I'm over the slush.
I'm over the 42 layers of clothing.
I'm over the ridiculous electricity bills.
I'm over the dry air that just makes me want to curl up in bed all day.

Humidifiers have been our best friends this winter; I swear it's the only reason we have survived this long without dry hacking coughs and red noses.

We have an amazing Luma Comfort Humidifier (HC12B) for our open concept living /dining room and kitchen.  It covers up to 650 square feet easily and the cool mist is perfect because little man does like to make his way over too it, so I'm not concerned about any type of steam burns.  
I also love that it runs for 45 hours on a tank.  Long gone are the days are refilling the water every 6-8 hours!
The best part is how chic is it! The vase design blends in seamlessly with most decors, and with it's almost silent operations, it's hard to tell it's a humidifier!

Here's a quick video from Luma Comfort to see how seamless and gorgeous these humidifiers are:

Our video isn't nearly as "professional", but I love being able to see how these things actually work in the home, instead of just on a stage. I apologize in advance for my small yelling children in the background!

As I mentioned before, it is a dream, an absolute dream.
The features make it better than any other humidifier we have ever used.


1. It is a cool mist humidifier. 
This is super important to me for a few reasons. With a small guy who is attempting walking, I know that even if he finds his way over to it, there is no way he'll hurt himself or burn himself because the steam is not hot. Also, cool mist humidifiers do not brred the bacteria that warm mist humidifiers can.  It's safer for our family.

2. It is almost silent.
For some thins isn't huge but for us, it's perfect! We have so much noise already between two kids, a cat, and a dog... another obnoxious whirring noise would not be okay. My refrigerator makes more noise!

3. It has an alarm!
I am yet to figure out if this alarm is for when it's tipped over or for when it's low on water (The husband believes it's the latter) but the dog ran right into it by it and knocked it off and it immediately let out a little beeping noise! As soon as I had it right side up again, the beeping stopped!
I thought it was a great function because it would minimize messes but the husband thinks it was letting me the water was low, you know, because it was on the floor, but when I put it upright it stopped beeping and I hadn't added any other water!
We haven't run the machine to empty yet so I'll be excited to find out!
And that leads me to my next feature...

4. It runs a single tank for 45 hours!
We haven't refilled the tank yet! And when I'm struggling to remember if I showered last night or this morning, one less thing to remember to have to do each day is great!

5. It has a remote!
Yes, a remote. My husband loves the remote and I do too! If we're watching tv in the living room and I notice it's not on, I don't even have to get up to turn it on! Super lazy? Yep. Super convenient? Oh ya.

Why buy ugly when you can buy a Luma Comfort Humidifier?
You can purchase one for less than $140 at Wayfair, Home Depot, and many other retailers!
Check out the other amazing products that Luma Comfort carries at their website and stay up to date at their Facebook page!


  1. Wow, I never saw anything like that before! Very cool. It looks pretty and it would be a blessing not to have to refill constantly.

  2. Cool. How does it stay murky fre?

  3. Wow, very cool! Our humidifier empties much faster than this one. It's a great feature that you don't have to fill it so often.


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