The Busy Giffs: A New Addition to the Family!

February 11, 2015

A New Addition to the Family!

We're a family of five now!

Well that was misleading, but no, I'm not pregnant.
We're just adding a new furbaby to our family!

Our perfect little girl Bailey passed away last February and it was devastating for us.  Putting her down was such an emotional day, week, and we were not sure if we'd ever adopt another pup.

My dog from before my marriage still lives at my moms. She has food aggression and after biting my daughter even after we tried behavioral classes, we knew she needed a new home until Emma was old enough to not crawl over and steal her food. And then we had Tyler and we're right back to the crawling to the food bowl and we know that we could not bring Sable to this house without expecting more aggression.  Couple that with my dad putting up a stink every time we mention trying to bring her here and I really don't know when she'll ever come back to this house. 

However, I received a random email (addressed to Kathryn) from an organization I had never heard of before, letting Kathryn know that even though she was not able to adopt the dog she wanted, there were still plenty of others looking for good homes, and there, front and center, was a picture of what I thought was Bailey re-incarnated.
Literally, no idea why this email showed up, but boom, there she was.

I believe in signs. I believe things happen because they're supposed to and God works in mysterious ways.

I sent the picture to David and said "Who does this look like?" and he immediately said Bailey and asked where I had gotten the email from. Then began the debate of "Do we message back about this dog?" Fast forward 50 text messages and 12 emails and she's all ours!

Isn't she just the sweetest?

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