The Busy Giffs: The End of Vacation

January 4, 2015

The End of Vacation

Just like that, the two weeks of Christmas Break are over.
And I'm totally spoiled this year because if I look at next year's calendar, I don't think we'll get 2 full weeks again.

My guess is I'll be working until the 23rd, but I can't complain because so many still have to work straight through!

However, I'm excited about how much I did accomplish this vacation!

1. Purged Tyler's room. 
Got rid of clothes that were too small and baby gear we won't be using again.
2. Purged the Princess' room. 
Once again, toys, clothes, etc- all things we don't need.
3. Reclaim the living room. 
Christmas presents over took the living room so it's been a week long struggle to get the calmness of my living room back. I bought a couple of storage shelves from Target for the kids' rooms and it's clean again!
4. Paint the Bathroom.
We have had weeping walls because the builder used crappy paint.  There were parts that were peeling and it was just time! So glad it's done!
5. Sparkle paint Emma's wall.
We had some sparkle put on Emma's wall when we first moved in but it was clumpy and not what we expected.  A new coat of Sparkle Paint made it much better!
6. Catch up on all the laundry!
Yes, it's an accomplishment
7. Clean out the basement.
Okay, so maybe I cheated by hiring two of my students to do the dump run for me, but seriously it's the best $30 I spent all vacation.
8. Get a new desk.
Dave is known for putting his hand through our desk, seriously, three times already... I don't get it, but I was determined to get one he couldn't break.  We hacked together a counter top from Ikea with some shelves I love. Let's hope it stays!
9. Have fun and enjoy my kids!
It sounds so silly but I spend so much time working and then keeping my house and my kids clean and fed at night, some times I don't have time to just have fun.  This vacation was full of fun, whether it was snuggles in the morning, hiding under the covers, or going to Disney on Ice, or La Salette Shrine, or baking cookies together, every moment with them was wonderful. I am not excited about losing this time with them when I start working again tomorrow!

So not bad for two weeks!
And February break is only 6 weeks away!

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