The Busy Giffs: 8 Months!

January 28, 2015

8 Months!


He's a magic growing bean... every day he just looks older. He's measuring at 20 pounds and 29 inches based on our scale and ruler, but those are not Doctor's measurements so who knows. He's in 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.


He's such a little man!
He has the most infectious smile and laugh. I'm hoping his strawberry blonde hair stays that way, it's just too cute for words. He looks so much like his dad. Still no teeth but there are two bumps on his lower gums, so maybe soon!

Firsts and Milestones:

He took his first supported steps! While playing with his push toy, he stepped forward! He took about 4 steps pushing his toy.  He's been letting go and staying upright for a few seconds so I'm sure that will be his next accomplishment. 


Last week, we had our first 8 and half hour stretch! And in his crib! He must be going through a growth spurt because he's been taking 3 hour long naps and then giving me 4-6 hour stretches at night after!
His favorite place to snuggle is in my bed but he's sleeping in his own crib much more!


He loves food! Cheese, yogurt, turkey, spaghetti, peas, corn, bread, applesauce, rice, potatoes, avocado,... he'll really try just about anything we're eating!


We're getting a good H sound which kind of sounds like Hi, especially since he says it when he first sees you!
There's also the M sound when he's crawling up my leg or if he wants me so I think Mom might be coming soon!

His favorites:

Bouncing! He loves to bounce, play with the computer and try to press the lights, any electrical plug, wall outlets, tubbies, snuggles, and "flying" in the air.  The cat's food and water dishes make noise, climbing over anything, standing... all bring about smiles!

My favorites:

The way he rubs his eyes and snuggles into my chest when he's sleepy. The ear to ear smile when he does something new is also adorable!
He's been the cutest lately!

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