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September 15, 2014

Undercover Mama

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Undercover Mama however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Breastfeeding both my children was really important to me and thankfully I was, and continue to be, really successful at it. I'm comfortable nursing my little guy but I do realize that other people can be uncomfortable with it. 

In all honesty, some images of other people nursing in public make me uncomfortable.  Maybe it's my own insecurities about my weight but I don't feel comfortable baring all of myself while nursing.  I nurse discreetly. Now, I'm not hiding in the corner where no one can see me but there is a difference between nursing with your breast pulled out over the top of your shirt and your shirt pulled up over your breast while nursing.

I am of the second camp. I pull my shirt up on top of my breast to keep the whole top boob from just toppling out but that often leaves my postpartum, still floppy, overweight stomach just hanging out.
Undercover Mama has innovated the most amazing solution for me to feel more comfortable while nursing this way.  

The Undercover Mama Tank is a strapless undercover that hooks onto the straps of the nursing bra which provides the coverage for your postpartum belly while nursing. It literally makes any shirt a nursing shirt.

It even helps me feel more comfortable while nursing at work. I literally nurse in a closet in the back of one of the classrooms and I'm always a bit nervous someone will walk in.  At least with the Undercover Mama I feel covered even if I am in a very vulnerable position. 

In addition to feeling more comfortable while wearing the Undercover Mama, it is literally so comfortable as well! Its a soft quality cotton and spandex mix which ensures that you feel a bit held in and are stretchy enough to keep you all in.  I prefer my tanks to feel a bit more snug and that is how the Undercover Mamas are designed so it's perfect.

I literally could not picture nursing without this wonderful accessory!
And because I love them so much, Undercover Mama is giving away one Undercover Mama to one of my readers!
Winner must be a US Resident, sorry!

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