The Busy Giffs: Little Man is 4 Months Old. (And like 2 weeks...)

September 19, 2014

Little Man is 4 Months Old. (And like 2 weeks...)


Little man can grow! 14 lbs 8 oz and up to 26 1/2 inches! It's crazy to me how fast he has grown.


Lots and lots of smiles!Always smiling but makes lots of expressions with his eyebrows too and it just cracks me up!
He still looks just like Dave and is still rocking red hair! I think it may be more strawberry blonde than orange/red but it's just the cutest.

Firsts and Milestones:

No crazy milestones this month.
Still rolling over, pushing up on his arms and is now pulling his knees under himself.  He can not put the two motions together yet but he's trying.
He has been trying to roll from back to front and gets half way there.  He usually stops there but sometimes pushes himself onto his belly.
Does running legs a lot and grabs everything, including Emma's hair.


Most nights are still great.  He usually wake only once or twice during the night with a long stretch from 7 pm ish until 2 am ish.  he does not like sleeping during the day but he'll fall asleep in the car if you go somewhere.
He likes sleeping on his side and will roll if you put him on his back.


Still breastfed but I can no longer say exclusively because daddy tested out a half formula/half milk bottle to see if he'd take it, and he gave him 2 spoonfuls of apples on day.  We're going to wait at least another month before we really introduce solids.
He loves nursing and usually flips his body half way over, with his mouth wide open, grabbing on to everything as he waits for the boob.  I always laugh.


Lots of noises! Some sound like "Yaaaaah" but there's no way so I'm being silly.  He has the best belly laugh and makes really different noises depending on if he's unhappy, needs a new diaper, or just wants attention.  He might not be saying anything, but we understand him.

His favorites:

Being "thrown" up into the air, which is just me and Dave raising him over our heads.  He also loves raspberries on his belly and laughs so hard.  He's big into the kitten right now and especially loves Emmalee. He loves rolling and trying to move and chewing on his fingers.  His fingers are pretty fascinating to him.

My favorites:

The way he still curls right into me and the "need" for milk that he shows through grabbing and making little monkey noises until he gets it.  I love the way his face lights up when I walk in the door after work, or at 2 in the morning when I get him out of bed.  I love when he curls up on my chest and closes his eyes and I love seeing his little personality grow every day.

I'm just so blessed.

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