The Busy Giffs: A Little Girl and Her Pony

September 5, 2014

A Little Girl and Her Pony

Disclosure: I was offered product in exchange for my post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The princess has been asking for a pony a LOT lately and since we refuse to buy her a pony, she has started finding her own ponies.  
Last week, she was running around the house with a roll of wrapping paper between her legs yelling "Go Sparky!"  Before that, it was a wifle ball bat and before that, her Barbie doll sized horse.  She doesn't discriminate when it comes to "horses", but every horse is called Sparky, just like her favorite character Sheriff Callie's horse. Have you met Sheriff Callie and Sparky yet? Because they are adorable...

Emma is obsessed with Callie, lassos, ponies, and all things cowboys so you can imagine her pure joy when the Montana Toy Company sent us a hobby horse for Emmalee to play with!

The hobby horse is handmade, so soft, and did I mention BLUE! The princess immediately started calling the hobby horse Sparky and went running off across the front yard!

She goes everywhere with the horse and she even tucks it into bed with her at night!

The Montana Toy Company makes these adorable horses in all the colors of the rainbow and in natural colors!

Horses are only $30 and can be purchased in their Etsy store!

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