The Busy Giffs: Little Man is 3 Months Old!

August 6, 2014

Little Man is 3 Months Old!

Three months? Yikes!


No doctors check up this month, which actually makes me a bit sad because I can't know for sure how much he's grown. I did take him on the scale and the did my self alone and found out he's 13 lbs ! Yikes! It's so crazy that he grows so fast!

There is absolutely no denying that he is the product of David and I.  He looks just like Dave but when I hold him, you can see my eyes and nose on him. His hair is all lighter now, with a red tint.  I'm still trying to figure out if it's the cradle cap or his actual red hair.  His eyebrows are still blonde so who knows...

Firsts and Milestones:

He's started putting weight on his legs to hold himself up.  We support under his arms but he can "stand" on his own legs.  He's great at lifting his head.
He loves grabbing things and putting them in his mouth already! It's usually his blanket or his own fingers but he just loves chewing on things!
He also spent his first (and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th) night in his crib! He sleeps in there 75% off the time, with the other 25% being bedsharing after I fall asleep while nursing... oops.
 He likes to sleep sideways and rolls to a side.  He can't do that in his rock n play so he's gone to 7/8 hour stretches of sleep every night.
The social smiles are seriously my favorite. He still smiles all the time, especially at his sister.  She will just walk over and he smiles from ear to ear. He's pretty friendly with everyone who smiles at him but he saves the best ones for us.


Someone is sleeping in his big boy crib! For everything, even naps. If we put him in his rock n play, he tries to roll to the side, can't and wakes up.  Looks like we'll be posting that to a yard sale site sooner rather than later!
He's in bed anytime between 6:30 and 8 and is usually in there until about 3 am.  A nursing session and he's back asleep until 6 or 7 am.
He usually falls asleep if he's in his swing or the car.


Still drinkin' nothing but momma's milk. We've got a great little thing going on but he definitely has some preferences.  He prefers side lying, rather than being cradled in my arms.  He has to "hold on" and my chest is all sorts of scratched up from his little nails. 
I've consumed peanut butter, shellfish, dairy and no reactions yet so I'm very happy!


 Lots of laughs and sighs.
He makes little coo noises and has "conversations" with me.  

His favorites:

Eating, still. Loves eating.
Talking to people.  He gets a huge smile when people talk to him.
His sister and his A+A lovie that he uses as a chewing blanket.
Getting changed, he hates being in a dirty diaper.

My favorites:

He holds on to my hand constantly.  Sometimes he just wants to be held and only by me.
I still love the middle of the night snuggles.  The rooting, squirming around and then the huge breath of relief from him when he latches, just adorable.
I love wearing him! He's so content in a babycarrier and it makes things so easy!

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