The Busy Giffs: Back to School Snack Attacks!

August 19, 2014

Back to School Snack Attacks!

At this time next week, my little girl will be in her first Preschool class!
I'm having more anxiety about this than I thought I would, especially considering she did two days of day care last year, but there's something so unnerving about the word "Preschool".  It's the first step to 13 more years of schools and it's one more person to get ready in the morning as I'm heading to work. I'm not super concerned about the morning routine, but I am nervous about the afternoon routine.
I'll be juggling pre-k pick up, a 4 month old who will want to snuggle/nurse, making dinner, correcting my own students' papers, and still being mom to her. I'm exhausted just thinking about it...

One way to make it easier is to have a handful of kid friendly snacks that the Princess can grab on her own while I'm with the little man.

We love Annie's and Go Go Squeezes. I would be willing to bet you money that if you came by and asked for either, we have them. They're just a staple for us and you can't go wrong with cheese and raisins when it comes to the princess.
I love that each is each for her to grab on her own so it's one less thing I have to worry about as we're walking in the door!

What other snacks do you have as go-to after school snacks for your kids?

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