The Busy Giffs: Get Pumping with a Nurse Purse!

July 29, 2014

Get Pumping with a Nurse Purse!

Disclaimer: I was given the product for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Everyone knows I nurse my kid.  There are some Instagram pictures and a daughter who walks around with a doll stuffed down her shirt to prove it. 

When I went to Blogger Bash last month, I knew I would need to pump to keep up supply while I was away from the baby.
When I go back to work in September, I'll be bringing my pump with me for during the day.
Let's be honest, I really didn't want to walk around carrying the super obvious Medela pump bag so I went searching for a better option.

Hello Nurse Purse!
It's a better pumping bag.

Here's a comparison:

Even though both are bags that offer front access to your pump, immediately, you notice the Nurse Purse just looks nicer.
I have the bag in Wildflower but Nurse Purse offers 3 other designs I'm obsessed with. 

Additionally, the Nurse Purse is much larger.
Using the Medela bag was tough.  There was barely enough room to store the flanges and bottles needed to pump!

With the Nurse Purse, there's plenty of room! I can keep the flanges, the bottles, a hands free pumping bra, milk storage bags, and a small cooler in it and still have room!
Unlike the Medela, the Nurse Purse does not have a built in cooler but it's so roomy that I could use a small lunchbox or cooler and still have lots of room left!

Another feature I love is that there is a space to put a picture of my little man.  Studies show let down is much easier when thinking of or looking at a picture of your baby so this is super helpful!
Isn't he adorable?!

The nurse purse also offers outside pockets, which the Medela does not have.
That means you can use your Nurse Purse as an actual tote bag too!

The pump support is removable for after you're done pumping and it's compatible with most pump brands.
The bag itself is 100% cotton with a nontoxic, water and stain resistant coating, and is PVC and BPA free!

At Blogger Bash, I filled up the inside of the tote with my pumping supplies and the outside pockets held business cards, a bottle of water, my wallet, a pen or two and some gum. 

What I love more than anything...
This Fall, when I go back to work, no student will even think twice about my new super cute tote bag.
Little will those high schoolers know that I'm actually schlepping around my pump!

You can pick up a Nurse Purse for only $129 from their website.
Isn't it such an amazing bag?

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