The Busy Giffs: Baby update: ECV aka Version Part 1

April 23, 2014

Baby update: ECV aka Version Part 1

I am officially a sad momma. 
At my appointment today, they confirmed little man is still breech at 37 weeks 4 days. My options include attempting an ECV, or version, or scheduling a c-section.  

An ECV, which stands for External Cephalic Version, is a procedure done in an attempt to flip a fetus while still in the uterus.  My doctor has recommended I at least attempt because according to him, the baby is perfect size and I have just the right amount of amniotic fluid to perform the procedure.  Additionally, this is my second pregnancy and so far, the baby has not engaged into the cervix. Versions have a 50-75% success rate and I'll take those numbers over a guaranteed c-section. 

The procedure itself will take between 1 and 2 hours. 
It starts with a non stress test on the baby and having a fetal heart monitor attached.
After the doctor confirms the baby is not under stress, they will inject my uterus with a muscle relaxer.
The muscle relaxer will, obviously, relax the uterus wall enough that the doctor can physically, and forcefully, move the baby simply by placing a hand on the baby's head and one on his bum and literally spinning the baby. It ends with another non stress test and more monitoring before we are sent on our way.

No, there is no guarantee it will work.
The baby may not move. The baby may flip over during the version and then flip back on his own.

Yes, it will be uncomfortable.  
The walls of the uterus will have to stretch sideways, rather than straight up and down as the baby turns. 

Yes, there are complication risks. 
I have an anterior placenta, meaning the placenta is between my baby and the abdomen so it will act like a pillow between the doctors hands and the baby, making it a bit more difficult.
Also, with my earlier bleeding, there is a higher chance of a possible placental abruption, however it is a low risk to begin with so we're going to cross our fingers. 
Other risks include the umbilical cord entangling the baby, pre-term labor, and any other complication that may lead to a c-section/delivery of the baby on FRIDAY!

I am petrified.
I do NOT want this baby on Friday but it's a risk I have to consider.
We will try just about anything, short of moxibustion - way weird, to attempt a vaginal delivery again. 
However, even if the version works, there is always the chance I'll end up needing a c-section anyways...

Wish us luck on Friday!


  1. So sorry to hear the baby is flip flopped on you. Hopefully everything works out OK and you don't have the baby on Friday :).

  2. BTW, I've never heard of moxibustion before. Yeah, it sounds weird but who knows it might just work!

  3. awww hugs and prayers!!! Hope everything goes well!!


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