The Busy Giffs: Baby Update: 35 Weeks

April 5, 2014

Baby Update: 35 Weeks

In the craziness of moving last week, I didn't get to update but here's this weeks!

How far along? 35 weeks!
Symptoms: Fatigue. Like crazy. But that may also be because of college midterms and the whole moving into a new house thing...
Total weight gain/loss: +9
Maternity clothes? Lots of maternity. Although I wish I could live in yoga pants and long sleeves or sweatshirts. I just want to be comfy. It's starting to get warmer out (some days) so hopefully I can wear a few cute dresses before this is over!
Sleep:  Still only waking up once a night and then really early. But I'm pretty sure I could sleep for 4 days straight and still wake up tired...
Best moment this week:  Closing on our house, moving into our new house, showing off the new house! The baby sprinkle my mom threw for us! New furniture! Getting cable and internet back! Any of those would work!
Movement: It's getting more painful.  He's running out of room and I can feel it. Lots of jabs and at times it feels like he's tsretching out to a star shape and it hurts!
Food cravings:  Still no real cravings but when I see things I want them. Lately it's been turkey, salads, and fruits but a big pate of fried seafood would taste pretty awesome too. 
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: Nope, but I am getting random lightening crotch pains so that sucks.
Belly Button in or out?  In. But way shallower.
What I miss: Feeling rested. I've definately noticed a change in how tired I am. Also, I miss the feeling of denial I had that this baby had a while to go.  He's coming NEXT MONTH. Holy hell.
What I am looking forward to: Getting this house unpacked! And the weekend! Very few "plans" so it will be a lot of unpacking and relaxing with my princess.
Weekly Wisdom:  Remember where you packed the can opener...
Milestones:  I can officially start saying I'm due next month. Yikes. 

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