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January 28, 2014

Back to School (for Cheap!) With

I can not believe I'm going back to school again... but this is my last semester!
In May I'll (hopefully!) be graduating with my Masters degree!

For some reason I thought taking a course that ends on May 9th when I'm due May 10! Part of me wants baby to stay in so I can finish the course, and part wants this little man to debut early so I'll be recovered enough to walk at my graduation on the 17th!

Talk about stress!

One thing I'm not stressed about?
Getting my text books!  has been my go to for books the whole time I've been working on my Masters and this semester is no different!
I'm always amazed at how much cheaper I can rent my textbooks for, anywhere from 40-90% less than what the bookstore and Amazon offer the books for! And I don't have to worry about a cheap yucky buy back price at the end of the semester, I just pack them up and ship them back! Oh, and the cherry on top- shipping is free, both ways. even lets you write and highlight in the books which is so huge for me!
Check out how it works!

In addition to saving a ton of money, gives back to Operation Smile with every single book rental. Talk about spending your money on a worthwhile cause!

Okay, so maybe you were smart and got out of college as fast as possible? Do you have old textbooks still laying around? also has a program called Rentback, allowing you to rent out your old textbooks and make money on them every semester, rather than just a one time buy back!  If I had known about this when selling all my undergrad books, I'm sure I'd still be making money on them! Blah!
Here's how Rentback works:

 So you've got two great programs to check out depending on what your needs are: books or cash!

Disclaimer: I was offered compensation in exchange for my post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I have a ton of books sitting on my shelf! Maybe I should send some out for rent :)


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