The Busy Giffs: New England Bloggers Holiday Swap!

December 30, 2013

New England Bloggers Holiday Swap!

The Northeast Bloggers Network hosted a holiday swap! You sent a package to one blogger and then received one from someone else so that you could get to know two "local" bloggers!
I sent a package to Melissa at Missys Product Reviews.
She has some amazing product reviews (duh) and is always offering up something as a prize! Definitely check her out and see what I sent her!

I got my package from Esther at Something About Esther! However, she's one of those really cool bloggers who does more than just blog for fun during her free time, she actually owns her own nail polish company! Philly Loves Lacquer is her nail polish line she started earlier this year! 
Cruelty free, vegan and handmade. Sold. 
I was thrilled when she sent me one of my colors and check out how amazing this box o' gifts is!

A great scarf from target, two nail polishes, Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Ghiradelli chocolate, and Tyler's first present- baby onsies!

Yes, I got super emotional when I opened up the first gift he's received.  And they are so stinkin' cute!

And can we talk about this nail polish??
I'm obsessed.
I'll be begging Esther to do a giveaway me until she agrees. ;)

If you participated in the swap, leave the link in the comments so I can go check out what you got!

1 comment:

  1. Alright, I need you to do swatches for me!!! I am so happy you loved everything, and I am so happy that Tyler will be rockin his monkey onsies!

    <3 <3 <3


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