The Busy Giffs: 14 Weeks!

November 8, 2013

14 Weeks!

It seems crazy but this baby has already been cooking for 14 weeks!
Baby is now the size of a lemon!
And call me crazy but I'm pretty sure I felt some flutters!

Last weekend was extremely scary for us.
After a day full of vomiting, around 7 pm, I started bleeding.  First a few spots and then a trickle of blood and then full out non stop blood pooling in my slippers.
 Phone call after phone call to the doctor, we discussed the options and I chose to stay home for the night and go in first thing in the morning to do an ultrasound, check the baby, and see what was wrong.
If I was miscarrying, there was nothing we could do to stop it.

Saturday was an early check in to the doctors for an ultrasound, and there was our beautiful baby waving back at us. 
Baby was moving around, and most importantly, there was a heartbeat.
I was put on a modified bed rest, allowing me to go to work and class but to essentially be laying down otherwise. I am amazed at how much my husband took on for me; I really am just so in love with how well he takes care of me. 

The bleeding slowed but continued until Monday.
My follow up was on Wednesday and after checking in, doing the normal weigh in and checks, the doctor put the doppler to my belly. Nothing.
And more nothing. And more nothing. No noise, no sounds, no heartbeat.
So we rushed to the ultrasound room where once again, my small child was dancing around with a great heartbeat.

The doctor showed me a bit of scarring on the placenta where I apparently tore it from being so sick on Friday.
I am still on a modified bed rest, pelvic rest, and I need to be careful as the pregnancy continues, but my baby is currently happy and healthy. 

I am so excited to meet this baby in May, but if he/she is already giving me this many heart attacks, I am so screwed when he/she joins us! ;)

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