The Busy Giffs: Good bye Mirena

July 15, 2013

Good bye Mirena

This post is really personal, so if you prefer my posts on recipes, fashion, or whatever else I can come up with... you may not enjoy this.
If you have ever thought about a Mirena IUD, it's probably a good idea to keep reading.


The past two years have been insane for us.  
We went from 2 of us to a 3 person family; we went from unemployed and an unpaid maternity leave to 2 full time, stable jobs.

When Emmalee was only a few months old I had debilitating lower back pain.  It literally felt like I was in labor again.  I remember driving home from my moms one night, and having to pull to the side of 195.  I vomited because I was in so much pain.  I kept wondering how I would get my new baby home if I couldn't even stretch my leg out to reach the pedal.

I am not always a "good" or "easy" wife.
I have had mood swings, head aches, anxiety that cripples me to the point of crying in the shower or leaving the house to go for a walk.

While I have never left my child in an unsafe environment, I know I could have been a "better" wife at times. 
My husband had to deal with my moodiness, my bouts of "Why am I a mom?", "Why did a higher power think I could handle this?" and lots and lots of anxiety stricken "I can't stand this house" when I would get stressed out over cleaning.

And on top of being a huge bitch some days, I put on a LOT of weight. Like a good 20 pounds in the past two years.
I blamed it on baby weight, and working, and eating garbage because I was always running from place to place.

At the doctors the other day, I was informed that after taking out my Mirena, all of these symptoms would continue, if not get worse, while my body detoxs from the hormones.  
I never put together that all of those symptoms were from the Mirena.  

I cited being a new mom, always being on my feet, feeling like I was doing more than my share while my husband was unemployed... The list goes on.

But now it's gone. 
So I may be a wailing, unhappy, anxiety ridden bitch for however long this "mirena crash" lasts but here's hoping I come out the other side okay.

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  1. I loved having the mirena (of any birth control out there). It was the most stable of any BC I tried, and I absolutely LOVED not having a period. Ever. I had mine removed due to issues with the wires poking me in places they weren't supposed to be. Painful? yes! I've been birth control free for 4 years, and have never felt better to be honest. 2 children conceived while using the pill/condoms, but no issues being birth control free. go figure :) Wishing you the best while you "detox".


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