The Busy Giffs: Capron Zoo & The Country Store

July 22, 2013

Capron Zoo & The Country Store

Emma's favorite thing in the whole world, is the world "zoo".
There are days where she'll wake up and the first words out of her mouth are "zoo" and "peeeeease".

We live relatively close to Buttonwood Park, and go (a lot) so I am always looking for new places to bring her.
A coworker mentioned Capron Park Zoo in North Attleboro and it looked like the perfect place to go on a sunny afternoon.

Capron Park Zoo is a great little zoo, perfect size for my princess.  
It has kangaroos, alligators, goats, boars, lions, lemurs, and more but is small enough for Emmalee to walk around on her own.
There is an area to feed the goats, complete with hand sanitizer for after, just make sure you bring quarters for the food!, and another feeding area for the pond that is full of ducks, baby ducks, fish and turtles!

There's also a bubble machine that just constantly blows bubbles.  I think Emmalee chased bubbles for a good 15 minutes at one point!

After we walked around the zoo, we went back outside to have a picnic on the playground.
This is the smaller of the two sets, but it was a great size for Emmalee.
They stamped our hand so we could come back in no problem!

After lunch and playground time, we wnet back in for some water fun at the new splash pad that Capron Park Zoo had put in.
It's small enough to be able to see your child at all times, but with a couple of "camp groups" there, it was a bit crowded.

When she was all done playing in the water, we walked over to the concession stand for a popsicle., and at $1.25 for a rocket pop, I think the prices are reasonable.

As we were leaving, I realized we were by a super great penny candy place that my mom used to bring me to.
The Old Country Store in Mansfield has a whole wall of penny candy!
Emma filled up a bucket for less than $3!

I love having such fun things to do with my daughter so close to home!
Have you ever been to either place?

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