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July 12, 2013

Barely There Bras : The Perfect Luxury

Disclaimer: These items were gifted to me.  I was not required to do anything in exchange but I love these and you need to know how great they are!

As a mom, most things I want, I consider luxuries.
Sadly for me, bras often fall into this category.
I mean, as long as my bras are holding up and holding in, they're working right?

Gone are the days of pretty, lacy, bras that you want to peek out from your shirt for me.
I usually grab whatever sale priced bras I can find.
Don't believe me? Check out the 6 bras still with tags on them from when one of my favorite stores was going out of business... I'm rationing them, whatever.

Now, it's not the bras themselves that are luxuries... it's the time it takes to pick up 18 different bras that are "in your size" and then try on all of them, only for 2 to actually fit and be comfortable.

Barely There has taken out all of the guesswork!

After I attending Blog Better Boston Style Summit, I received an amazing package in the mail:

So adorable and so ridiculously comfy!
One of the bras they sent is an active bra. Let's not be silly, I have a big chest and I looked at this soft, flimsy, girly looking bra and laughed a bit.  There was no way this was going to keep up with my Body Pump class but I tried anyways.
Oh. My. God. 
Great support but so lightweight...
And since the rbas are only sold as XS, S, M L, and XL - It's never been easier to get the right size on the first try!

And I am completely amazed that the bra size I usually wear was a perfect fit.
I didn't have to try anything on.  I just told them my size and they're bra fit. Perfectly.
I wear the Invisible Look Underwire bra... umm.. pretty much every day. Don't judge me.
Soft, girly, great coverage and so ridiculously comfortable!

I love how perfect their sizing is.
And they are super convenient to find: Macy's, Kohl's and Target!
How great is that? I'm already shopping at those stores and I won't need to waste spend time trying bras on- I know they'll fit!

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