The Busy Giffs: Alex + Ani: More than just cute bracelets

May 17, 2013

Alex + Ani: More than just cute bracelets

It's always easy for me to review a product from a company, but rarely do I ever just talk about how amazing a company is.

About a month ago, I was grading papers and when I looked down, my Alex + Ani apple charm bangle had snapped off.  Like the apple disconnected from the stem snapped off. 

I only got it in September.
It was a "Happy First Day of Teaching" gift.
I take it off before every shower and every bed time.
So for it to break after only 8 months... cmon.

I tweeted about being upset over it and got a tweet back from Alex + Ani with their repair and return policy.  
I was outside the time frames, it no longer had a tag on it, etc so it seemed like a lost cause.

Then I get a text from Alex + Ani asking me to call. So I do.
They tell me to bring it to the Paper Store, which is where I bought it.

No tags, no box, no sticker, no receipt.
They took my old bracelet and handed me a brand new one.

I loved Alex + Ani before but after getting that type of customer service, after seeing how much pride they have in their product, I will be buying these bracelets for everyone!
What a wonderful company!

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