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April 30, 2013

My Little Artist

As we know, I'm a teacher, student, mom and wife so I am constantly going in 32 directions.
We have April vacation and I fully capitalized on it.

For the first time ever, I didn't pick up any extra shifts during the break.

We went to P-Town, the zoo and hung around the house watching marathon bombing developments, watching Disney movies, and working on our yard.

It was so so much fun and I really wanted to use the time to spend with Emmalee.  I feel like I'm always at work or school so I loved having a week with her.

One day we painted! Or, I guess, she did.
It was her first time but she's in love with the Disney princesses so when I saw a paint set for $1 I had to get it for her!

Look at the concentration!

Screw the brush, I'm finger painting!

And of course, the final projects:

The set with 2 pictures, a brush and a thing of paint was only $1 from Dollar Tree!
I absolutely know what I'll be buying for this summer's free time!

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