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January 10, 2013

Rent Your Books from

I have to say I am super excited to get back to school!

After taking the past year and a half off to spend time with Emmalee, I'm going to be starting back at University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth to finish up my Masters!

I'm officially crazy.
I'll be working full time, part time, and going for 6 Masters credits all while running a household with an almost 2 year old!
What was I thinking!?

I went to campus earlier in the week and finished all of my paperwork, did my advising, and filled out the information for my parking pass!
And of course, my favorite part of back to school is the shopping!
I feel like the semester is just better if you have new folders and notebooks so I went right out and grabbed some super cute patterned folders and notebooks to start.

However, the most depressing part of back to school shopping is paying for textbooks, right?
You spend like $400 and when you sell them back, they give you a measly $32 back.
But I have figured out how to save money on my school books!
Want to know the secret?

I rent them!
Yep, just like a DVD rental.
You pay a lower price up front and don't have to worry about selling them back when the semester is over!

This semester I'll be buying my books from!

With their large selection of books, live customer support, flexible rental periods, and 30 day risk free returns, how could I not?
Plus, on top of saving 40%-90% you get free shipping both ways and you are still allowed to underline or high light the text!

Here's how it works: 

And here's how it works for ME:

I need a book about Behavior Management for one of my classes.
If I buy it from the school's bookstore : $90.50
From Amazon: $78.99
To rent from : $29.91

Doesn't get much clearer than that!

Where do you buy your school books from? Have you ever rented your books?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored and I did receive compensation, however all thoughts and content are my own.

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