The Busy Giffs: Pretty Little Tuesday

January 22, 2013

Pretty Little Tuesday

It's Tuesday again!

I am starting my semester tonight and my class is from 4-7:30 so I'm not sure if I'll be home for the start of the show but the DVR is set! Worst case, I'll watch it at 10 pm with the West Coast-ers!

Last week was crazy!

We learned that:
 Lucas set the fire (trying to get Mona).
Lucas is also a hoodie wearer and was in the basement when the girls were at the beginning.
Mona is crazy and wants to run against Spencer for the academic team.
Lucas thinks that it was Mona driving the SUV, not Toby.

I don't trust Aria's dad. Not one bit.
And I'm sure I'm going on a limb but I'm thinking Aria is pregnant. She talks about "feeling queasy" briefly with Hanna and Emily... and if she falls like we see in tonight's sneak peek, the doctor would be able to tell when she goes to the hospital!

And for the magical sneak peeks:

See you next week for more Pretty Little Liars talk!

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