The Busy Giffs: One Week Accomplished.

January 28, 2013

One Week Accomplished.

I officially survived my first week back in college!

I'm torn over my classes and how good they'll be. 
 I'm absolutely in love with my Thursday night class but a bit skeptical about my Tuesday night one.

Tuesday's class is with a teacher I had before and her and I don't see eye to eye on differentiating instruction.
I feel that offering instruction orally, and visually by handing out hard copies of notes or modified hard copies that they can fill-in as they follow along can be acceptable. 
I also feel that based on the student, you can read the test aloud or write for them.

She feels that you need to do everything for the student in order for them to succeed. 
Work one on one, read their test, fill in their test, give them a word bank, only give them half the questions...
While they are all strategies, they do not fit every single student on an IEP...

I digress.

I'll have to keep my thoughts to myself on Tuesday nights but I know whats expected and I'll do what I need to do to make the teacher happy.

Thursday night is the exact opposite.

It's about self reflective writing at the beginning of each class, papers every week about how you connect with the text and a large unit based on your interests you the classroom.

It's definitely more work than Tuesday night but I'm absolutely excited for it!

Ever had a terrible teacher? Or is there one who made you look forward to the 8 am class?

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