The Busy Giffs: I've been living a coffee lie.

January 18, 2013

I've been living a coffee lie.

I hate coffee.

I know, I'm like anti-American or something but I hate it.
Always have, even down to the flavor of coffee ice cream, or the smell of it brewing.

I've tried.
I've attempted sips of Marylou's coffee, which is often just milk and sugar with a splash of coffee. Which is kind of like Dave's coffee... but still nothing.

I was completely content drinking French Vanilla tea, or having a Vanilla Chai Latte.
Yes, a pattern of vanilla. How... exciting.

Well for Christmas, my supervisor gave us coffee mugs with a bag full of K-cups. Cute.
I immediately handed the k-cups to Dave, but one caught my eye.
It tastes like a combination of hot chocolate and french vanilla flavored creamer and I'm in love with it.
At 70 calories a cup, it's not that terrible, especially since I don't feel the need to add sugar to it.

But while reading the nutrition facts, I stumbled on to the ingredient list.
The last ingredient listed: INSTANT COFFEE.

Ummm... what?
Apparently I like coffee.
At least, this kind of coffee.

My life is a lie. ;)


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