The Busy Giffs: Puppy Emergency

December 13, 2012

Puppy Emergency

Sunday night was scary.

As David and I went to lay down, we found Bailey panting on our bed with a very raised, red angry looking rash on her underside.

I immediately called the emergency vet and was told to bring her in immediately.
The vet was afraid she was having an allergic reaction and was very concerned about anafylactic shock.

The emergincy clinic is about 25 minutes from our house, and it was 10:40 at night, so David stayed home with the sleeping baby and brought Bailey up to the clinic. 

In the time it took to get to the clinic, her rash tripled in size, had developed perfect round marble sized hives, and she got very hot.  She had shallow breathing and was scratching to the point of bleeding.

The vet immediately checked her over, asked the questions like "Did you feed her new food? Start using new laundry detergent? Did she eat anything she shouldn't have? Got stung or bitten by anything?" Which I answered 'no' to everything.

He immediately suggested IV's to help hydrate and cool her down, as well as a Benadryl shot to try and alleviate the inflammation, and then it was the waiting game to see how she did.

Forty minutes later and there was no improvement. It had stopped spreading but wasn't going down. He suggested a low dose steroid, that was stronger than the Benadryl, but again we'd have to wait and see how she responded.

Twenty minutes later and the swelling was going down. The hives had disappeared but her underside was still bright pink and it was warm. She was extremely lethargic and simply wanted to lay on the floor and let me rub her.

Another 10 minutes later, the vet offered another steroid shot and said we could head home provided we started a Benadryl regimen in the morning and we'd call if she began to swell again or was having trouble breathing.

At this point it was 1:40 and I still have a 30 hour drive home so I called school and called out so I could spend all morning at home to watch her. 

Thankfully, when we woke up, the swelling had subsided even more.
She's still a little pink but isn't scratching and doesn't seem to be bothering her.

I just wish I knew what caused it!!
Anything like this ever happened to your little fur baby?


  1. Yikes, that sounds really scary! I am glad she is doing better this morning!

    I just found your adorable blog through the hop! I am your newest follower and I am excited to read more about you! I would love for you to stop by sometime and follow along if you'd like :)

  2. Oh my! That sounds petrifying!

    Hope she's all better now!

    1. P.S. We're having a weekend linkup and would be honored if you joined! :D


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