The Busy Giffs: Growing Up & Shopping

December 28, 2012

Growing Up & Shopping

I'm finding that I'm starting to crave fewer, better pieces of clothing.
Rather than have a bunch of sweaters I rarely wear because they don't fit quite right, but I bought because they were super clearanced, I'd rather have 2 or 3 great fitting ones that I can wear in multiple ways.

I've been going through Pinterest, looking at outfit sets I like and seeing how others use clothes in multiple ways, like using a sweater on its own, layered under a blazer, layered over an oxford or dressed up with a pashmina scarf. (Ps. My computer just tried to autocorrect pashmina to pastrami-ha!)

After extensive time wasting researching, I have created my clothing wishlist.
Items I want that I feel like I can use over and over and really maximize the piece of clothing.

The list consists of:

a cashmere cowl neck/open neck sweater
good black trousers
jean trousers
a polka dot sweater
a chambray oxford
a striped long sleeve
silk oxford shirts
a lace dress
a flannel
a fitted black blazer
a grey pencil skirt
a black body con short skirt
basic tees in great material
a grey maxi skirt
new bras
pashmina scarves
a red belt
red ballet flats
black wedges
black riding boots
a bubble necklace (or two!)

Obviously it's a longer list than what I would ever buy at one time but I feel like if I keep this list with me when I shop, I'll be less likely to buy things just because they're on sale and instead  focus on timeless pieces that will carry me through the next few years.

How about you? 
Have you ever tried to pare down your wardrobe?

Ps. again: How cute are some of these stylized wardrobe capsules?

10 - Piece Wardrobe Challenge

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