The Busy Giffs: 18 Months!

December 14, 2012

18 Months!

My little peanut has been in this world for 18 months!

At her well visit on Tuesday, she was 33 inches long and 26.4 pounds!

Finally wearing all 18 month clothes and a size 4.5 shoe. We actually just bought her new socks because her feet were getting too big for her other socks!
Lately, she loves pulling her shirt up so her belly is showing and then runs away laughing when you call her out on it!

Says Hi, Bye, Bay (Bailey), Mom, Dad, Hey, pat (as a verb), teeth, and night.
Sings to herself by humming to songs and bopping back and forth.
Does a "whoop whoop" dance and pats her chest then throws her hands up in a blast off motion (a la The Little Einsteins).

She understands what we're saying and will make decisions with us, "which as which one would you like?"
She can identify her teeth, her ears, her eyes, and nose.
She still blows kisses to the baby in the mirror.

Her temper tantrums are few and far between but are hilarious because she stomps her feet and ends up spinning in a circle.  Her pouty lower lip is a heart puller though and coupled with her big doe eyes... I die inside sometimes.
However, she's usually a great listener but we've found if you want her to come out of a room and she won't listen, if you say "bye" she comes running after.
If you put on your coat, she runs to the front door and tries to unlock it with any key or pencil she can find.

Wants to brush her teeth all day, and will say "teeth" and point at the bathroom door whenever we go by it. Loves the tub and will dump a cup full of water down her face and whole front side, but screams bloody murder and tries to climb out of the tub when it's time to wash her hair.

Is in love with Elmo, Mickey Mouse (and all his friends), and the Little Einsteins. Is especially in love with her Minnie Mouse plush doll that we bought and her Velveteen Rabbit.

Loves stacking her blocks that Nannie bought her in P-Town, and subsequently, knocking them all over. She likes throwing the ball up the stairs and then laughing as it comes back down. She thinks tickling other people is the funniest thing she can do and if she sees a piece of your skin, she "tickles" it and giggles until you tickle her back.
She loves trying to tickle Dave's feet but usually when she tres to tickle mine, she gets distracted and just tries to pull off my tattoo....

Shes knows how to unlock my cell phone, put it to her ear and say "Hi!", and loves facetime with Daddy while he's working. She loves playing with my tablet, my computer keyboard and headphones.

LOVES to write and color and read. Will go around the house searching for paper to write on. Will go into my school bag and take out pens!
Then she switches back and forth between left and right hand.
Can we check out how she writes though?
So cute!

Likes to climb on everything... especially up the stairs and unto the coffee table. When she's on the stairs or the coffee table, she'll hold her hands out, say "Hey", and then wait for you to hold out your arms so she can jump onto you.
The newest thing is "jumping" which is really just her going on her tip-toes.
Doesn't crawl, like ever, unless we're playing pretend and being animals.
Even on stairs, she likes to hold a hand, or a railing, and walk up or down them.

Eats everything.  Loves her starches, especially rice and breakfast potatoes. Loves when we have kielbasa or meatloaf. Drinks milk and juice (even though we still water it down). Will try and get her own yogurt, grapes, or blueberries when they are in the fridge. Loves being a vulture snacking on whatever other people have, including the crazy disgusting things like Dave's Salt & Vinegar chips.
But will only use "silver" silverware, or grown up stuff, even if it's plastic.

She's turning into such a little person,with her own personality, and while I love it, I feel like every day she grows by leaps and bounds.
Honestly though, I can not wait for this year's Christmas; it's going to be so much fun!!

Ps. how hilarious is her "leave me alone, mom" face??

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